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Mobile Web Use Set to Surpass Desktop Use by 2014 What Does This Mean for Your Business?

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In today’s technological era, it’s pretty incredible what we can do while on-the-go. The ability to access the web and browse various web pages from our mobile devices is a great convenience; however, recent research is suggesting that mobile web activity could be decreasing our attention spans, and creating difficult situations for businesses that rely heavily on online traffic for their productivity. Mobile Joomla, a service that specializes in mobilizing regular web pages for mobile use, claims that the chances of someone leaving a website increases by 100% if the mobile site takes more than 4 seconds to load. Compare Mobile Joomla’s claim to a recent Keynote Study – reporting 44% of mobile internet users claim to have difficulty navigating websites on mobile devices – and you have a considerable

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What You Need to Know About Chronic Back Pain

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Nearly 80% of all citizens in the United States will be affected be some kind of neck or lower back pain in their lives. That’s eight out of every people in America — a huge number! So why is it that so many Americans are chronically plagued with this type of persistent pain?

Part of it could have a lot to do with simple injuries. From workers’ construction sites to recreational sports fields, every place where physical labor is taking place poses a risk for lower back or neck pain just around the corner. Athletes in particular are at a high risk of suffering some kind of large injury that can cause spondylolysis, a small stress fracture affecting a lower vertebra in the back. There’s also sciatica, a grouping of symptoms that can occur when one of five spinal nerve roots is compressed or irritated in some way

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