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Discover What You Can Do about Drug Addiction

Signs of drug addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious and growing problem in the United States. This is particularly true for young children. Unfortunately, an estimated 55% of American children and teenagers have consumed alcohol before the age 20. An estimated 36.4% of American high school seniors have used marijuana. While a little experimentation is usually harmless, often children, without proper education or the maturity to handle these substances.

If drug and alcohol addiction continues, some of the consequences can be legal and academic problems, including not getting into college, sexual development issues, and a higher risk of homicide and suicide. Unfortunately, the effects of drug addiction are not limited to the addict. In fact, often the effects can be just as bad on the family and loved ones of the

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Scaffold Safety Training Tips

Fall protection equipment

Did you know that the four leading causes for construction related deaths were falls, electrocution, getting caught between two objects, and being struck by an object? In fact, one in every five workplace fatalities involves a construction worker. This is why safety equipment, like hard hats and steel toe boots, are necessary during any construction job.

Although the amount of fatally injured construction workers has decreased by around 200 people on average between 2008 to 2013, the amount is still far, far too high. For this reason, employers need to supply their workers with heavy equipment training and construction safety training courses.

One of the most important kinds of construction safety c

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