Cell Phone Radiation Facts

Even though the cell phone industry tells us there are not harmful effects from cell phone radiation, the truth is that the cell phone radiation facts tell us otherwise. In fact, there are real dangers that we should all be aware of when it comes to cell phone radiation facts. In 1993 they started gathering cell phone radiation facts and the dangers they discovered about being exposed to radiation when you use a cell phone are alarming.

There are over 200 million Americans that use a cell phone every day. They should be aware of cell phone radiation facts. There were more than 200 doctors that began the research on cell phone radiation facts in 1993 and they have compiled the beginnings of the list of facts. Many other doctors have followed in their footsteps and have discovered more cell phone radiation facts for us. Some cell phone radiation facts they found include the fact that using a cell phone and being exposed to radiation emitting from it can cause DNA damage. Included in the cell phone radiation facts they discovered is the fact that radiation from these devices can interfere with cardiac pacemakers.

Cell phone radiation can increase your risks for brain tumors. Another of the cell phone radiation facts they found is that it can cause neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. They also list autism and ADD as some of the brain dysfunctions that using a cell phone can cause. Young children should never be exposed to cell phone radiation. There are some devices you can get to put on cell phones that will protect you from the EMF rays.

There have been more recent studies that have given us more cell phone radiation facts to think about. For instance, a study was done by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority that revealed that cell phone radiation affects living cells in human. They found that the human body reacts to low level radiation exposure, which cell phones do emit. Fears of cell phone radiation exposure causing diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson disease are real. Cell phone radiation facts also reveal that fatigue and headache can be caused by exposure to radiation being emitted from cell phones.
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