Why Invest in REITs?

Commercial real estate

Should I invest in real estate? Why invest in REITs? Well managed REITs are a convenient way of taking advantage of the real estate market without needing the technical knowledge and enormous capital it can take to get started on your own. REITs, or real estate investment trusts, operate much like corporations, allowing investors to buy securities in them without having to get deeply involved in the business and economics underlying the trust. This allows people without either the money needed to buy entire parcels of commercial real estate on their own or the business and market knowledge to make a large real estate investment business work to share in the profitability of the real estate market. Why invest in REITs? These are good reasons if you have ever wanted to enjoy the profitability of the real estate market, but have been unsure as to how you could do it personally.

Why invest in REITs? Brian L. Katz and American Real Estate Partners operate one of the larger commercial real estate investment businesses on the eastern seaboard. American alone owns about 4.2 million square feet of Class A office and flex assets in the area. Mr. Katz himself has been involved in the acquisition and financing of around $1.8 billion in different commercial real estate assets. Aside from managing different commercial real estate investment vehicles, professional businesses like this can help investors to analyze the risks involved with different purchases and investments.

Why invest in REITs? Right now, the commercial real estate industry in America is worth almost $1 trillion, with more than 2.3 million commercial real estate businesses involved in the industry. This provides a lot of opportunities for interested people to get involved. If you want to get involved in the commercial real estate industry, find a reliable professional partner to help you to get your start.

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