Server Rooms Don’t Settle for a Mess of Tangled Wires

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Electrical wiring in your server room getting out of control? Server rooms store hundreds — if not thousands — of units. Without careful planning, execution, and constant diligence electrical cords and cables can easily end up in a giant, tangled mess. Here’s what to do when server rooms look their worst:

Bust Out the Cable Ties

Cable ties are a great way to keep cables from tangling and generally ending up where they shouldn’t. Cable ties are available in a number of different styles and materials. Workers can secure large groups of wiring with color cable ties. Color cable ties help employees easily identify groups of electrical wiring. Consumers can fasten wires with flame-resistant stainless steel cable ties, on the other hand, in high temperature environments. Employees can purchase convenient cable tie guns to cut, distribute, and fasten cables. Sellers sell specially designed guns for cutting and installing stainless steel cable ties.

Stop Fires Before They Start

Damaged wiring can easily lead to electrical hazards, such as electrical shorts and even fires. Stowing large volumes of electronics and wiring in a limited space makes these hazards exponentially more likely. Employees, however, can curb hazards by taking simple, strategic steps. First and foremost, Tech Republic recommends keeping server racks and other storage on raised floors. Floors should be raised by at least 12 inches to accommodate for proper air flow and prevent systems from overheating, Tech Republic adds.

Secondly, workers should take full advantage of relatively inexpensive protective products. Cable glands, for example, fit over the ends of cables to safely connect them to various computer equipment. Install rubber grommets in tabletops or near doors to prevent bending, breaking, or tearing from contact with blunt edges. Finally, threaded standoffs should always be used to separate appropriate electrical parts and prevent shorts.

Server rooms containing a lot of wiring. Don’t let it get out of hand. Use relatively inexpensive cable ties to keep wiring organized, and use protective products to prevent cables from tearing or breaking.

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