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Is It Possible To Move With Zero Stress?


In 2011, 11.6 percent of U.S. residences were recorded as relocated by the Census Bureau. This is the highest percentage of people to ever be recorded.

On average, Americans move 11 times during one lifetime. That means that the average American goes through the stress and exertion of moving 11 times! Luckily, there are some tricks to take a bit of the burden off of your shoulders the next time you are faced with a long distance move.

Why are more Americans moving than ever before? Well, it is in part due to the amount of corporate jobs, and their inherent relocations. The amount of corporate relocations that occur have increased 30 percent since 2010. If you have recently received your company relocation letter, you are far from alone.

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Three Ways Pods Moving Businesses Offer Will Simplify A Move

Pod storage

Those that have to move more than 50 miles away from their new home for a job may be eligible to deduct these expenses from taxes. With the right moving pods a move of any distance is much easier. Pods storage is great for those that are looking to move with the least amount of difficulty. When using pods moving is less of a hassle for some important reasons.

With pods moving jobs can be handled on your own terms. Moving season generally occurs between the months of June and September, when movers usually charge a higher rate. However, you can often get a better rate from movers if you move in the middle of the month or week. No matter when you decide to relocate, if you use pods moving can take as long as you wish, because you will not be restricted to a specific deadline.

Pods are also great because you do not have to stress about how to attach your storage units to a vehicle. When you use pods they will be moved for you by specialists that are trained in moving pods. Pods also come in several sizes, meaning you have the flexibility of being able to choose any storage quantity that you wish. Reports show that college graduates move more often and farther than those with only high school diplomas. Use a moving calculator to budget and calculate moving expenses and storage pods to reduce the difficulty in your transition.

What The Best Long Distance Movers Can Do

Long distances movers that have the right experience will be able to take what is normally a difficult time for their clients and make it a little easier. People move for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it is not because they have lots of money and are moving into a mansion. Sometimes people contact long distance movers because they are moving to a state where it is less expensive to live in. In order to stay on budget and avoid problems, there are a few things that long distance movers can advise their clients on beforehand.

Knowledgeable long distance movers should provide their clients with a very accurate estimate of all costs before moving day. This will help any family to know for sure that moving is something that they can afford. No family should ever be taken aback by an extra fee on the bill. Any group of long distance movers should be able to inform their clients about every possible charge, including gasoline, mileage, labor and applicable taxes.

Long distance movers can also help by proving tips on how to properly pack up ones belongings. Some may even be able to supply the right packing materials. Valuable items like picture frames and dinnerware can be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap, and safely packed in boxes. This way, less things will be lost or damaged during the move. Long distance movers can also advise their clients on how to properly organize and label each box so that things are easier to find once they arrive at their new home.

A third and final way that long distance movers can help those planning on moving is to provide detailed ways for staying organized. Checking off things on a calendar or checklist can be a great way to stay ahead of the game. People can even keep an inventory of every item they are moving, and write down what boxes of vehicle they are in. A great company of long distance movers can do more than just haul things here and there. They can help anyone become more organized, less stressed, and to feel better about the great journey that they will soon take.