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The Benefits of Being Able to Visit an Inmate Via Video

Inmate video visitation

In recent years, internet or video visitation systems have offered the possibility of allowing detention centers to reduce visitor traffic by enabling them to visit from home or their office. Video visitation systems are a big part of tactical communication systems, and not only benefit detention centers, but the incarcerated and their families as well.

With a virtual visitation system, inmates will use a video visitation station in their cell or cell block, and visitors can use a corresponding station elsewhere. Visitors can even use their computers from home. There are risks associated with prison visits, so virtual visitations are not only a part of tactical communication systems, but they keep people safe as well.

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Virtual Communication Technology Allows Visitation Rights to Be More Accessible

Virtual visitation system

As of May 2013, the total population of prison inmates in the United States was estimated to be 218,171. For most of these inmates, one of the few things they have to look forward to while in prison, is seeing family and friends through prisoner visitation rights. In the past, the only way for family or friends to visit prisoners involved them making a trip to the prison to see them in person. With the advancement of technology, prisoner visitation rights can be granted through video visitation systems, a type of virtual visitation using webcams and monitors to connect each party.

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