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What You Need to Know About Chronic Back Pain

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Nearly 80% of all citizens in the United States will be affected be some kind of neck or lower back pain in their lives. That’s eight out of every people in America — a huge number! So why is it that so many Americans are chronically plagued with this type of persistent pain?

Part of it could have a lot to do with simple injuries. From workers’ construction sites to recreational sports fields, every place where physical labor is taking place poses a risk for lower back or neck pain just around the corner. Athletes in particular are at a high risk of suffering some kind of large injury that can cause spondylolysis, a small stress fracture affecting a lower vertebra in the back. There’s also sciatica, a grouping of symptoms that can occur when one of five spinal nerve roots is compressed or irritated in some way Continue reading

Stenosis Treatments and Chiropractors

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When a person’s spinal canal narrows with age or because of some injury it can cause a lot of back pain. The reason is because the nerve endings are getting pinhed and that can lead to the person experiencing chronic back pain. People may begin to limp when they wal or they will have numbness in their legs or a dull ache in their butt. When this happens the person may need stenosis treatments. Spinal stenosis treatments are very helpful if you are having back pain. In fact, there are a series of spinal stenosis treatments that your doctor can prescribe for you.

Stenosis treatments help to improve flexibility. Stenosis treatments also help to strengthen the muscles surrounding the spinal column which can help prevent future pain. Using a bag of ice is also helpful when you are having back pain. Chiropractors are very good at doing stenosis treatments too. Spinal stenosis can end up being a very debilitating condition and you will want to get stenosis treatments for it so that yo udon’t end up losing the use of your legs. Stenosis treatments can consist of spinal adjustments, traction and soft tissue therapy. Other stenosis treatments can use ultrasound which can actually help to reverse nerve irritation. Other stenosis treatments include stimulating the muscles in the back so as to increase the blood flow and circulation in the back.

Most patients can find relief for spinal stenosis with as little as 12 treatments done over a six week period. That is if they choose a good chiropractor. If you are going to a regular medical doctor they can also help by doing surgery. However, the patient should try all available spinal treatment options before they submit to surgery for this condition. The right kinds of treatments can successfully help to remove the pain you are having in your back. People that can avoid undergoing surgery are much better off.

Try taking chiropractic treatments yourself before you consent to undergoing surgery for this condition as well. Look for a board certified chiropractor with experience in treating spinal stenosis. This is a very common condition that people can develop as they get older. In fact, patients who go in for stenosis treatments are typically over the age of 50. Find out more today by contacting a chiropractor in your area about the stenosis treatments they offer.
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