Stress and the Military DITY Move

Dity move prices

People who are in the military can orders to make a military move at any time. When you do get orders to make a military move, you can make a military DITY move. A Military DITY move is one that you make on your own, instead of having the military move all of your belongings. People who make a military DITY move usually do so if they get orders to move to another base in the U.S. Sometimes you can get orders for a TDY, or temporary duty. A TAD would be orders for temporary additional duty and a permanent change of station is called a PCS.

If you make a military dity move you can get reimbursed for the truck or trailer rental, as well as the cost of packing materials and such. For instance, the blankets and furniture pads that you rent to move or the hand truck is reimbursable. The gas and oil you buy and the toll for the rental truck are reimbursed by the government if you make a military DITY move. Military members can go to their office for Relocation Assistance and get information on how to get a military DITY move started. You have to get permission to use the DITY move calculator first. Military moving is highly stressful. In fact, they say that moving for anyone is the third most stressful event in one’s life, following death and divorce. The best plan of action is to make a good plan and then stick to it when making a military DITY move.

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