Tax Debt Lawyers Help People in Trouble with the IRS

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The power that the IRS has to use against delinquent taxpayers is pretty intimidating. In case you did not know this yet, the IRS can seize your personal and business bank accounts. They can even put a levy on a third party’s bank account if you share the account with them and you have not paid your taxes. Before the IRS can exercise its power though, it has to inform the taxpayer of their intentions in writing. The taxpayer is supposed to get a chance to attend a hearing on the matter too. This is a right given by the U.S. Constitution. If you ever request such a hearing the smart thing to do is to take your IRS debt tax lawyer with you.

Another thing the IRS can do if you do not pay your taxes is garnish your wages. Your employer has to comply with collecting the money and sending it to the IRS too. Employers are not allowed to fire an employee because of a wage garnishment. It is actually a criminal offense if they do and the employer can spend up to a year in jail and have to pay up to a $1,000 find if they fire someone because of an IRS wage garnishment.

IRS debt tax lawyers know how to get a wage garnishment removed. You can also go to an IRS lawyer if the IRS puts a lien on your house or seizes the money out of your bank account. The worst thing to do is not to do anything when you get a letter from the IRS. If you need help with back taxes, go to one of the Irs lawyers near you and ask for help. An IRS debt tax lawyer can work up a tax resolution plan and present it to the IRS for you. One such plan is called an Offer in Compromise. Many taxpayers have gotten help from their Irs tax lawyer. If you owe as much as $20,000 or more, you need an IRS debt tax lawyer to help you settle your issues with the IRS. Look under the term “tax lawyer IRS” online. You should be able to find a tax help service near you.

City and state governments can also levy local and state taxes. For instance, the city of Chicago charges a 9 percent tax on their soda fountain drinks. If you buy your drinks in a bottle or a can, the tax is 3 percent . Taxes are just a part of life, no matter how you look at it. The problems with paying taxes can start with filling out the tax forms for some people. Even the 1040EZ form has 33 pages of instructions. It is supposed to be easy to fill out. However, if you are having trouble filing out tax forms or you need help to respond to an IRS letter, get expert tax help from an IRS debt tax lawyer. Let your IRS debt tax lawyer negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

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