Tuna Fishing Venice LA Entertains Thousands of Tourists

Tuna fishing venice la

Venice, Louisiana is located sixty miles south of New Orleans, Louisiana, just west of the banks of the Mississippi River and just north of the Gulf of Mexico. Consequently, it would be an understatement to suggest that the residents of Venice, Louisiana know and love the water, as they are almost completely submerged within it. Many of the residents of Venice, Louisiana earn their livings as maritime workers. Some spend more than forty or fifty hours each week working on enormous offshore oil rigs located a few miles away from Venice. Others spend an equivalent number of hours fishing on large commercial fishing vessels which employ hundreds, if not thousands, of large nets and other traps designed to capture large quantities of fish which are then sold to food packing companies and large grocery chains. (However, some of these fisherman sell these fish to the traditional farmer’s or seaman’s markets which can be found on almost every street corner in Louisiana.) These fishing vessels capture hundreds of varieties of fish, although many fishermen agree that tuna fishing Venice LA is the most profitable.

However, the recent resurgence of tourism to the area (following Hurricane Katrina) has prompted other fishermen to offer Venice LA fishing charters for tourists who want to fish in or explore the Mississippi Canyon, the local nickname for the area in which the continental shelf starts to reach depths which exceed five thousand feet. Here, tourists can observe or even capture thousands of pelagic species, including herrings and sardines, which thrive in this marshy mixture of salty ocean water and fresh river water. (This area is located fifteen miles from the mouth of the Mississippi River. Tuna fishing Venice LA is very easy in this area.) These Louisiana fishing charters generally and Venice louisiana fishing charters specifically give visitors and tourists a chance to discover why Venice fishermen have dubbed their hometown “tuna town.” In fact, many of these visitors enjoy tuna fishing Venice LA so much that they encourage their friends and neighbors to charter tuna fishing Venice LA excursions. Although this is a rare occurrence, some tourists decide to retire in Venice LA so that they can enjoy tuna fishing Venice LA all year long, whereas others decide to quit their jobs so that they can start a second career as tuna fishing Venice LA experts! Research more here.

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