A Folding Wall Bed Can Save Space

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Do you want to create a new guest bedroom from your office space? Or perhaps, you live in a small, studio apartment and want to save space and yet still have functionality. You may want to consider a folding wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed. Your efficiency apartment will then have your folding wall bed, your bathroom, and kitchen space all being used well.

A folding wall bed provides space saving features by simply folding up into the wall when it is not being used as a bed. A folding wall bed can come in a horizontal model that will flip up from the side. These modern wall beds are easy to lower or raise because they use a torsion spring or piston lift design.

There are folding wall bed models that come as bunk beds to help you furnish your kids rooms. A folding wall bed can be professionally installed, or you can purchase a folding wall bed kit and install it yourself.

As you consider your space, you may want to add closet organization systems. Closet systems are adjustable so they can be changed as your needs evolve. These systems can help also help you stop losing items in nooks, crannies, and forgotten drawers. If you follow Feng Shui balance the energies of your space to assure health and good fortune, you will find that you will be encouraged to organize your closet space so as not to produce low energy.

Using a closet organizer along with a Murphy bed, you can utilize your space well. If you are using the space as an office, the folding wall bed will be out of sight until it is needed for guests. When your guests arrive, all you need to do is fold down the folding wall bed. Your closet system can also hold those spare linens and towels. Your guests can rest comfortably, and yet you have not lost your office space to a dedicated guest room.

You can find a folding wall bed and closet organization systems that will fit your space and style. You will soon feel organized and yet still have a comfortable bed.

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