Custom Keyboard Designs

Laptops with backlit keyboard

Almost 100 million computers were sold in the United States in 2011, and this number is rising. In 2012, over 350 million computers were sold across the world, and 40% of these were sold in the United States. These computers are used in an enormous range of settings and applications, each with specialized functionalities and technical challenges. Custom keyboards and computer systems can be made to handle the unique challenges of these different situations.

If you need to work in low light or dark conditions, backlit keyboards, or illuminated keyboards, can make it a lot easier for you to type while reducing the strain of looking at your keyboard on your eyes. Because of this, backlit keyboards can be useful in many work environments, from work at night to some medical applications. Many jobs require the employee to be able to type between 60 and 90 words per minute, and not being able to properly see your keyboard can inhibit this.

Custom keyboards can be made for many different settings. Sometimes, you will need a different keyboard layout with special command keys for certain applications. A custom keyboard with these novel commands on them can simplify the application the computer is being used for. Other custom keyboards are made for special settings, like patient bed keyboards, which are made to be easy to clean and to fit within the space of a patient’s hospital bed. Custom keyboards can also be backlit for convenience. Whether your business has unique space or technical constraints for employees or a special industrial application that could be simplified or enhanced by a custom keyboard, one may be able to be made to suit your needs. The standard QWERTY keyboard is a tried and true design for office applications, but not all workstations that need a keyboard are in a standard office. Helpful links:

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