How to Choose a Wedding Catering Company

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Your wedding is one of the most exciting days of your life. You will be the center of attention and then of course, there is that huge party after the actual ceremony. You want to ensure that all the details of the big day are perfect. You have chosen the best invitations, hired a great photographer, and selected a reception hall. Did you know that according to a Pew Research Report, barely half, about 51 percent, of adults ages 18 and older are married in 2010? This is compared to 72 percent in 1960. So, it seems obvious that people are waiting longer to get married. And how about the surprising fact that the number of couples with wedding budgets of more than $1 million doubled from 2011 to 2012.

Now, you may not be spending $1 million on your wedding, but you want it to still be special. Choosing the best wedding catering company or event catering company can help make the day. Catering is actually the business of providing food services at a remote site such as a reception hall, office or other such locations. A wedding catering company can provide cost savings over restaurant meals. You will also have the added bonus of the food being delivered to your reception by the wedding catering company.

There are many ways to find a wedding catering company that will suit your style and budget. One method is to attend a wedding trade show. You can visit with these companies and see them in action.

Of course, you can always ask your friends who previously used a wedding catering company for a referral. If you are using a wedding planner, this person may already have a wedding catering company selected based upon your desires and will have wedding catering ideas and wedding catering costs already taken care of.

When you interview a wedding catering company or local catering companies, ask how long they have been in business. You should also ask how they determine how much food will be needed. While the average wedding party has four bridesmaids and four groomsmen, there will be plenty of other guests. You should ask the wedding catering company if they will be bringing plates and silverware, as well as whether the company will be doing the clean up after the food is served.
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