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Shielding Passengers From the Elements

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To defenestrate something means to throw it out of a window. That something can also be a someone. While defenestration is a fun word, nobody wants it to happen to them, and nobody wants to have to repair the window either. Should something be defenestrated through a window or windshield, windshield repair Phoenix can, at least, repair the window. The object or person that is thrown through the window will require other care.

The use of the word “window” first began in the 1200s in reference to an unglazed hole the roof of a building. Over time, it developed into a term that often was associated with glass, and with the invention of the automobile, the term windshield came to refer to the glass on the front of the car that shielded passengers from wind and rain.

The first windshield wiper came along in 1903 when Mary Anderson, a woman from Alabama, invented one after seeing how difficult it was to see out of a New York City Streetcar. A few years later, in 1917, Charlotte Bridgewood got a patent for the “Electric Storm Windshield Cleaner.” It was an automatic windshield wiper system. Her daughter actually went on to invent the turn signal.

Auto glass phoenix az actually makes up forty to seventy percent of the strength of the frame of a vehicle. This means that having strong windshields is vital. Windshield repair Phoenix can make sure that a windshield is up to its job. If it requires a Phoenix windshield replacement, windshield repair Phoenix can insert new Arizona auto glass. Windshield repair Phoenix can ensure that your windshield is ready for driving. More info like this: