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Have You Been to Atlanta Recently? Here are a Few Reasons to Plan a Trip

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Did you know that the city of Atlanta, Georgia is host to well over 16.5 million visitors each and every year? If you have never thought about making your watt to this beautiful and historical city, here is a little bit of Atlanta info to hopefully change your mind.

Atlanta is the only city in North America that has been destroyed by a fire as an act of war and then rebuilt. General Sherman burned the city on November 15, 1864 just before the end of the Civil War. Today, the symbol of the city is the Phoenix, a legendary bird of Egyptian mythology that rose from its own ashes with renewed strength and beauty. If you go on Atlanta tours while you are in the city, you will have the option of seeing some of the sites related to this notorious razing.

You can ride your bike from Atlanta to Alabama. The Silver C Continue reading