Why you should use a closed system catheter

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If you are among the many people who frequently get urinary tract infection despite proper bladder management, you might consider using a closed system catheters or hydrophilic catheters . A closed system catheter can prevent UTI because it is inserted in the urethra which is where most bacteria grow. The closed system catheter is prelubricated and sterilized and comes with a clear collection bag. It is easy to use with its silicone introducer tip that can easily be slip into the urethral entrance.

The closed system catheter is very effective in reducing the risk of infection since compared with the urine catheter, both the female catheters and male catheters, the closed system catheter can be inserted in the urethra without touching the catheter. This therefore eliminates the risk of getting infection because it is touches. If used properly, you will not touch the catheter. And since it is sterilized, the part that is inserted in the urethra is free from bacterial causing infection. This makes it perfect for those who have suffers from spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis or stroke. The closed system catheter is also best for their neurogenic bladder condition. Since they may be have problems with antibiotic resistant infection, using a catheter that prevents infection is the better alternative.

The closed system catheter is now the preferred catheter for those in wheels and among those with multiple sclerosis. For those with multiple sclerosis the closed system catheter is the better alternative because it can be used even when one is suffering from reduced hand coordination. Moreover, even when they go to public bathrooms, they do not have to worry about contamination or infection. For those in wheels, the closed system catheter allows them more freedom since they can use it anywhere. Whether they are traveling, at work, or on vacation, they can use it without any problem. The convenience alone makes it better than the traditional catheter.

And since the closed system catheter has significantly reduced infection, it is now accepted in under Medicare coverage. Medicare announced that the closed system catheter is covered. However, one has to meet the requirements for it to be included in Medicare coverage. The requirements include proper documentation infection. Proper documentation means a record of one or two infections for the last year. It also means having a record of symptoms of infection, such as fever, muscle spasm, infection in the other organs, incontinence and the required culture bacteria count. It is important therefore to have everything documented so that one can have the catheter covered by Medicare. Without proper documentation, even if one suffers from frequent infection, it will not be accepted. It is best therefore to talk to your doctor and inform him of your desire to have the catheter be included in your Medicare coverage.

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