Where to Change Car Engine Oil and Why

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Where to change car engine oil is something that everyone should ask themselves before opting to work on their own vehicle. If improperly disposed of, motor oil can and does float on top of natural bodies of water, thus blocking out the sunlight needed to sustain aquatic plant life below the surface. This wreaks havoc on the entire ecosystem of a waterway, eventually leading to the deaths of the fish, frogs, et cetera that rely on a clean body of water. When gauging the best place for an oil change, look for a venue that is committed to dumping its motor oil in a safe and well contained fashion for best results. Indeed, many certified garages across all different price points are equally good at getting rid of their used motor oil responsibly, so you need not worry that you may break the bank when deciding where to change car engine oil nearby.

As far as motor oil standards are concerned, they can vary from location to location. For example, half of all such oil is re refined in Europe, while less than 20 percent of US motor oils can say the same for their level of purity. When asking yourself where to change car engine oil, look for a venue that offers re refined engine oil for best results. The best motor oil for your car is likely to be a re refined type, and the best oil change places for your car will offer it readily.

When choosing the best motor oil for your car, make sure that your viscosity gradings offer the W suffix if you live in a colder climate. The W stands for winter, which means that these products are made to start in less than toasty conditions. When deciding where to change car engine oil, the best oil change service should be able to explain this to you right away. When you are done, make sure that you write a review online letting the world know where to change car engine oil in your area for best results!

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