Signs You May Need an Adult ADHD Doctor

ADHD is something that most people associate with children, but adults can have ADHD and need an adult ADHD doctor too. Keep reading to learn the signs you may need an adult ADHD doctor.

Adults that suffer from ADHD have a lifelong experience of ADHD symptoms. Having just a bad day or week does not mean you have ADHD.

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Adults with ADHD usually do things last minute, which is procrastination, one of the top signs of ADHD.

Lifelong symptoms of ADHD include procrastination, distractibility, and forgetfulness. These are inattentive symptoms because they are basically invisible. Adults with ADHD will usually procrastinate boring things, forget everyday things, and are distracted throughout their day very easily.

Another sign of ADHD in adults is disorganization. Often times there can be a lot of clutter or a messy house because, with ADHD, adults procrastinate cleaning, forget about it, or are too distracted to focus on organizing or cleaning.

Luckily, if you do have ADHD and are diagnosed by an adult ADHD doctor, there are treatment options and medications you can take to relieve some symptoms.

For more signs you may need to find adult ADHD doctors, watch the video above!


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