What is an Antitrust Attorney?

Antitrust attorneys specializes in law that protects trade and commerce from corporate monopolies, unfair restrictions, and price fixing. Antitrust lawyers work on cases with free trade agreements, unfair competition issues, and more. In the United States “antitrust lawyers” is the title they go by, while in other countries, they are referred to as “competition lawyers.”

On occasion, an antitrust attorney can be hired by large companies that are struggling with antitrust issues or even government agencies, but they often work for a law firm. When working with the United States Government, antitrust lawyers work for the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

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These attorneys develop expertise in antitrust laws, specifically in the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act, which are two antitrust regulating acts. In other countries, they have their own regulations and departments that antitrust lawyers are obligated to know and work for.

Antitrust attorneys specialize in mergers and acquisitions most of the time. If two companies are deciding to merge, antitrust lawyers review the case and make sure everything is being done legally with no monopolizing intentions. If you want to learn more about antitrust attorneys and what their responsibilities are, follow along with the video.


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