Adding Guacamole to Classic Recipes

What is guacamole

Tex mex dishes are not the only recipes with guacamole these days. You can find both classic guacamole recipes and dishes redefining what is guacamole. The avocado may have found its place into everyones kitchen now.

While guacamole calories may seem a little high relative to other dishes, the avocado is an extremely healthy ingredient and deserves inclusion in lots of popular dishes. Regular recipes with guacamole may focus on the dip, but even that has evolved depending on the ingredients. A typical dip may feature crushed avocado, some cilantro and some fresh lime juice as the only ingredients.

While recipes with guacamole can be diverse, it has also achieved popularity as a topping for some classic American dishes like burgers and hot dogs. In terms of burger recipes with guacamole, the dip provides a distinct southwestern take on a classic cookout as a topping. The burger recipes with guacamole also provide a little more substance when looking at the guacamole nutrition components.

Also, many salads now use recipes with guacamole. You can add guacamole and sour cream to give your salads a tangy and Mexican twist. In fact, some might say that recipes with guacamole are just an excuse to add avocado to everything. The once Mexican dip is now a common accompaniment to multiple dishes.

Your imagination only limits you to what recipes with guacamole you can come up with. For example, you can experiment with using it as a topping for various meats. Instead of sour cream on your baked potato, might guacamole be equally appetizing? Also, you can still use it as a dip, but experiment with other items besides chips for dipping. Like hummus, you might want to include pita in your recipes with guacamole.

Regardless of what you decide to add guacamole to, it is quite easy to make. Traditionally it was mashed with a mortar and pestle and the few ingredients were simply mixed in. Now you can throw everything in a food processor for a quick, refreshing addition to any recipe.

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