Latin Food Gains Popularity in the US

Hispanic food is becoming more and more popular in the United States. While Mexican restaurants featuring foods like tamales and enchiladas have been well known in the states for many years, other foods that were not as familiar to those in the U.S. have also been more visible lately. For example, empanadas. Empanadas are dough ... Read More

Adding Guacamole to Classic Recipes

Tex mex dishes are not the only recipes with guacamole these days. You can find both classic guacamole recipes and dishes redefining what is guacamole. The avocado may have found its place into everyones kitchen now. While guacamole calories may seem a little high relative to other dishes, the avocado is an extremely healthy ingredient ... Read More

Why Pandora Bracelets Make the Perfect Gift

If you are anything like me then you struggle with buying gifts. I just cannot seem to pick something out that I think the other person will enjoy, and living in Maryland, there are just so many options. I find myself spending hours at the mall, dumbfounded, whenever there is a birthday or wedding coming ... Read More