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Being Prepared for the Thief

Wireless home alarm

Crime is not what it used to be. Many people attribute this to increased policing or new methods such as the zero tolerance policy for petty crimes. But a large part of the credit for reducing crimes goes to burglar alarm companies and other technological developments that, over time, made crime pay less and less. Crime does occasionally pay, but it is a question of how much.

When it comes to ensuring the security of your house, ADT alarm systems can ensure that crime pays less and less. ADT alarms can be expensive, nonetheless, there can be thousands of dollars lost to a burglary. And, furthermore, around 90 percent of all burglaries are considered preventable in one way or another.

People just need to know the risk factors involved in that 90 seconds to 12 minutes in which someone is in their house. O

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Cotton Southern Bistro in Chesapeake Virginia


Cotton Southern Bistro

648 Grassfield Parkway

Chesapeake, Virginia 23322


Local Business Picture

The area’s signature restaurant featuring farm to fork ingredients with an emphasis on southern classics with a modern twist. Southern comfort food featuring fresh, local ingredients. Made from scratch in a family atmosphere.

The Three Best Things About Riding Motorcycles

Maryland scooter dealer

I never thought I would ever google “motorcycle dealer Baltimore Maryland” until I learned how absolutely freeing, exhilarating and alive you can feel with all that horsepower driving your forward through the open air. I googled a few different terms, like “DC Triumph dealer” or “Triumph Dealer Baltimore Maryland” or “Victory Dealer Baltimore Maryland,” to get a solid list of potential places to get a bike.

Here are the three best things I discovered about riding a motorcycle that led me to googling “motorcycle dealer Baltimore Maryland.”

1. The sheer, liberating feeling.

You will not really understand this feeling unless you have actually ridden on one yet, but this is all the more reason to go test drive a motorcycle. Feeling the air whip by your head at 60 miles per hour is in

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