Properly Manage Wires to Keep Machinery Operational

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Many production facilities and factories, both in the United States and around the world, depend on high powered and sometimes dangerous machinery to produce a high volume of goods accurately and efficiently. Unfortunately, even the strongest and most dependable equipment will break down from time to time simply because of the extreme conditions that they often operate under. When that happens, companies might have to spend a lot of money on work stoppages, so preventing shutdowns is a must. Fortunately, there are lots of small tools that can be used to make a big difference when it comes to efficiency and consistency.

Properly handling wires and making sure that they stay connected to the machines that they are attached to is a necessary step when it comes to equipment management. In order to keep them from getting tangled or coming lose, businesses might want to use simple items like cinch straps. Though they have lots of practical uses around a home, like on a backpack or holding a rolled-up hose in place, cinch straps can be great for wire management because they are used to bundle lots of cords together and prevent them from swinging around or getting tangled up.

Plastic zip ties made out of durable materials that are sometimes used as handcuffs known as “plasticuffs,” can also be used with a similar affect. Though they are used for all sorts of tasks today, they were originally made by an electrical company by the name of Thomas and Betts in 1958. Today, they might be a cheaper and more disposable option than cinch straps for temporary fixes.

While keeping wires bundled together is often a good idea, especially if computer hardware is involved, sometimes, it is important to make sure that wires do not touch each other. If that is the case, companies should invest in comb devices that separate wires for both organization and safety purposes. Touching wires could cause electrical shorts and a litany of other problems, so keeping them apart is often an important task.

Of course, when it comes to wires, making sure that they maintain a proper connection to machines is a must, but that can be difficult if there is lots of vibration or movement. Cable glands are most commonly known as cable connectors in the U.S., but they help to establish a strong connection. They are threaded and made out of strong materials, so they can keep wires connected even if they get rattled around all day.

Cable ties and other items might be small, but can make a major difference when it comes to efficiency. Every year, companies waste millions when machines breakdown or fail to work properly. So investing in the right tools and add-ons is a vital process.

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