Environmental Site Remediation

Whenever any type of construction or damage is done on any sort of land, it usually leaves a pretty bad mark. For instance, the soil that lives underneath the site of new construction could be contaminated from whatever was there before. This is the reason why site remediation companies exist. Whenever a new construction starts, let’s say on a property that was previously used as a dump similarly to in this video, the soil needs to be clean especially if the property is being converted to residential.

Video Source

In this case, the company would do a couple of things. The first thing to do is to analyze the soil and make sure it’s salvageable. If the soil has been too far contaminated, it could be difficult to bring it back. If there is wiggle room to work with, what the company would then do is remove the soil that is contaminated. In this video, that would be a couple of inches of soil. Once that soil is removed, you have to find new topsoil to replace the previously removed soil. Once that soil is replaced, the site is ready for new construction.

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