How Invisalign Are Placed on the Teeth

Invisalign is one of the top preferred dental treatments due to its discreet nature and ease of use. But Invisalign attachments often go unmentioned and unnoticed. Never heard of them? You’re not alone. Lots of patients don’t learn about attachments, or buttons, until they visit a dentist for their first Invisalign consultation.

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Attachments fall under the umbrella of Insalign refinements, and not every patient will need them. But if your teeth aren’t moving in accordance with your plan, then Invisalign attachments provide extra force to get you back on track.

Invisalign attachments, also sometimes called buttons, are small, tooth-colored dots that are made out of composite dental resin, the same material used for dental fillings. Depending on the situation and the purpose of the attachment, they may be square, triangular, rectangular, or even circular.

Many are initially concerned that their aligners will be more visible to others once the attachments are put on. Though it might sound like attachments would make your aligners more visible, the end result is that your orthodontic correction remains practically unnoticeable to others.

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