Learn All About a 50CBM Altitude Test Chamber

In this video, you’ll learn all about the 50CBM Altitude Test Chamber, a piece of quality technology produced in China that can recreate temperature, humidity, and pressure conditions in a controlled environment. The 50CMB test chamber is so large that you can physically walk inside it! Using precisely calibrated controls, the test chamber allows you to recreate ultra-low temperatures down to 120 C below zero, as well as extremely hot conditions – up to 180 C, as well as humidity ranging from 5-98%, and pressure that can create vacuum conditions.

The 50CBM Altitude Test Chamber is a precision instrument of the highest quality, developed to deliver precise and accurate results when it matters. Knowledgeable and skilled engineers can help explain the technology before it is purchased and can assist with testing, training, installation, and more. Test chambers like the 50CBM allow you to test climactic and environmental conditions in a controlled environment, and Grande Electronics Technology Ltd. makes it available at an affordable price with full support, so that companies around the world can access this technology and benefit from understanding environmental conditions.

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