What Is a Stainless Steel Service?

If like many of us, you haven’t heard of a stainless steel services before, there can be a lot to know. One of the biggest things stainless steel services do is metal polishing of stainless steel products. Keep reading to learn what stainless steel service centers do and what metal polishing is.

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Metal polishing smooths the surfaces of different stainless steel products such as pipes and sheets. Metal polishing is the last step and final finish for stainless steel products before going to their end-use.

There are many stainless steel products that can be polished. Tubing, pipe, sheets, and round bars are all examples of stainless steel products that can be polished.

So what’s the point of metal polishing? It is highly beneficial. Not only does metal polishing improve aluminum resistance to corrosion, but also protects from environmental factors as well as wear and tear from impacts.

Is all metal polished the same? Nope! There are a variety of finish types to choose from that range on a scale from 0-to 10. These finishing include satin, reflective, mirrored, and even electro-polished.

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