This Minecraft Mod Makes Exploration and Combat Fun Again

You’re Seeing Dungeons is a new mod for Minecraft Forge. It attempts to improve combat and exploration in Minecraft by adding dungeons and new mobs. If you want to improve your own Minecraft experience, consider managed hosting. Managed hosting takes away all the hassle from running your own private Minecraft server.

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They make the interface clean and easy to use. They can also automatically back up your worlds.

With You’re Seeing Dungeons, you will start seeing beautiful dungeons here and there throughout the world. Some come in the form of flying structures while others lie in wait deep under the ground. Within these dungeons you will find new loot such as spells, tokens, and armor. However, you will have to get by new mobs that are defending this loot. These mobs include Eager Creatures, Hermit Skeletons, and Shadow Desert Villagers. They can provide quite the challenge for the unprepared. Make sure you have plenty of food and decent armor before attempting to raid one of these new dungeons. With this new challenge, players have a reason to explore and fight again. There are many good times to be had.


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