What You Should Know About Solid Chemicals for Water Treatment

In maintaining industrial equipment such as cooling towers, boilers, or closed loop systems, solid chemicals for water treatment are important. The YouTube video “Solid Chemical Water Treatment” looks into how these chemicals can be properly utilized in industrial situations.

To prevent scaling, corrosion, and microbial growth, solid chemicals are usually delivered from a 55-gallon drum using a pump into the system. Alternatively, a solid chemistry system can be used in tandem with an on-site dissolver.

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This setup eliminates splashing and spilling, making it a cleaner and safer delivery method. It also reduces liability and maximizes efficiency.

The ultra m-tech solid chemistry system provides accurate chemical dosing. In instances where the solution level in the system is low, the ultra m-tech opens up the reservoir and allows water to flow to dissolve more chemicals. This is stopped once the reservoir reaches its full limit. The ultra m-tech solid chemistry was built using durable HDPE components and high-quality chemical-resistant materials. It’s easy to maintain and install and can serve the largest systems. It can also fit into the tightest spaces. The many qualities of the ultra m-tech solid chemistry system make it the ideal device for delivering solid chemicals into an industrial system.


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