What Can a Quad Ring Be Used For?

This video examines the uses of quad rings. Seals are crucial for preventing oil leaks in mechanical systems. Quad rings are four-lobbed seals used instead of O rings to provide twice the amount of sealing achieved by an O-Ring.

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They are more popular for a wide range of applications due to their stability in reciprocating and rotary environments. They also work excellently in low temperature and pressure conditions. Their ability to resist rolling based on their design of a large footprint that takes up all corners makes them stable in dynamic applications.
They resist spiral twists associated with O rings in reciprocating situations. A quad ring prevents contorting in the groove during movement and offers minimal friction leading to less wear and prolonged service life. The efficient sealing accelerates improved startup with lubricant reservoirs on the sealing lips. They are also more expensive than traditional O Rings due to the complex design and the materials used. You can always use the latter if your environment is not so demanding to cut costs.

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