What Is a Cohort Program?

Education can and should be a lifelong pursuit. If you’re looking to change careers or are pursuing your first career, the right college degree can go a long way. When you enroll in an education program, there’s a good chance that you’ll join a cohort program. So what’s a cohort program anyway? Let’s take a look.

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A cohort basically refers to a group of people banded together for some reason. Often, cohorts are defined by a specific timeframe and also a specific place. So let’s say you join an online MBA program next autumn. Quite likely, you won’t be joining the program alone. Let’s say thirty other people join the same MBA program with you. The fellow students who join will be part of your MBA cohort. The class you graduated high school with? They were a cohort too.

Often, cohorts take many of the same classes together. This allows you to build relationships with people and to study together with folks working on a similar timeline as you. You may frequently find yourself working on team projects with members of your cohort as well. Ultimately, a cohort can improve your educational experience and also allow you to cultivate vital social skills.


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