Why You Should Speak With Your Social Security Disability Law Firm

In this video created by Jonathan Ginsberg of Ginsberg Law Offices, you will come to know whether you need to speak with a disability lawyer prior to filing your application for benefits.

Based on his expert opinion, you should definitely consult with a disability lawyer from a social security disability law firm before filing and handing in your benefits application form. While it’s not required by law to hire the services of an attorney at this time, it will be beneficial for you to learn more about and understand the possible benefits and drawbacks of your case.

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As Jonathan explains in the video, an experienced disability lawyer from a social security disability law firm can provide you with extremely helpful insight into everything you need to win the case. You should know whether you will be facing an uphill battle or if the judge can recognize your medical condition to likely cause limitations at work.

You should also be aware of what proof or evidence you will need and if your medical records are convincing enough for your application to succeed. If you’re working part-time, it might raise concerns about your ability to work full-time. Plus, alcohol dependence and drug addictions can pose problems in your application.

With so many aspects involved, hiring an excellent disability lawyer can help you get started.


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