The Not So New Paleo Diet

Paleo meals

People are trying out the paleo diet and having some good success at losing weight and improving their health. The idea of eating a paleo diet is not a new one. Paleo eating is what our ancestors used to do thousands of years ago during the Paleolithic era. It consists of eating meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs and nuts and seeds. Grains and dairy products are not allowed on this kind of diet. The hunters and gatherers of the Paleolithic era didn’t have cows to milk nor did they know how to grow grains to harvest. They didn’t eat anything that was unnatural or man made. They only ate animals that they could kill, fish they caught or the eggs and nuts, fruits and veggies that they could gather.

Some people are considered purists when it comes to eating the way our ancestors did. These are the dieters that stay strictly within the guidelines of the diet. Others are a little more lenient and will eat salt and use oils that the caveman did not have access to. Cavemen didn’t know how to make cheese so cheese is not normally allowed on this diet. People who switch over to a paleo diet can lose a lot of weight and many find that they can solve some of their medical problems when they eat like out hunter gatherer ancestors. In fact, the paleo diet has become a lifestyle for many people who find this way of eating to be healthy and enjoyable.

The pale diet has many benefits. For one, if you are having trouble with your blood sugar or cholesterol levels, a pale diet may just straighten it out for you so that you won’t have to take medications to lower these areas for you. People who go on a paleo diet often tell the difference in how they feel within a matter of days. You can loose all of your cravings, as well as a lot of weight when you go on a paleo diet. There are plenty of diet books around that are all about a good paleo diet. People stay on the paleo diet too. They simply find that they feel so much better when they eat a diet that is high in protein and low in simple sugars and carbohydrates. Find out more on this subject by reading up on the paleo diet online.

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