No place like the bathroom Get it how you want it

Walk in tub

There is perhaps nothing in your home as important as your bathroom. It provides solitude and a most welcomed reprieve from the outside world for most. And also its design and cleanliness adds value to your home in many ways.
If modern toilets, pressure assisted toilets, commercial toilets, shower base,shower bases, walk in bath tubs or water saving toilets are on your shopping list, then you most certainly are in luck. If commercial toilets are a necessity for you help is never too far away.

Most people are not aware that before the 1950s, toilets typically used 7 gallons or more per flush. By the end of the 1960s, toilets were designed to flush with only 5.5 gallons, and in the 1980s new toilets used only 3.5 gallons. Today, a new toilet uses no more than 1.6 gallons of water in the U.S. Find out what commercial toilets will cost you, or if commerical toilets are what your business calls for.

Walk in bathtubs are more than just a nice alternative to the norm, they can allow users who have previously been unable to bathe on their own, without assistance, to do so comfortably and safely. With a walk in tub, the user has the option of filling the bathtub after entering it, or using a hand held shower attachment to bathe. Find out if commercial toilets are practical for what you are using water wise.

You may have had no clue that some corner bath tubs are large enough to acommodate two people and make a nice stand in for a jacuzzi. Whats referred to as “soaking tubs” are ergonomically designed, as well as being significantly deeper than standard bathtubs, allowing bathers to be fully immersed. Put together with commercial toilets, you have rearranged the look and feel of your bathroom altogether.


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