Exchange Activesync Can Help You Keep Your Network Secured Tight

Activesync android

In order to have the ability to wipe sensitive company data in the event that an employee loses a mobile device, management security system needs to in place. When your company utilizes Exchange activesync, you will have the ability to make changes across many mobile devices, but you will still need to employ some extra measures of security. This is where an Exchange activesync security software application can come in handy. When you are able to implement more advanced Activesync security policies, you will be able to keep everything as secure as possible. With the number of employees using their own devices expected to grow with estimates being that by 2015, 55 percent of smartphones used in business will be employee owned, your company needs to have a security solution in place.

One major problem with many of the Exchange Activesync security software programs is that they do not allow for the ability to wipe company data and leave personal data in place as only 9 percent of companies use a software solution that allows for the protection of personal data. Either way, when you are looking to Activesync android you need to be certain that all devices are as secure as possible, whether they are owned by your company or by employees. With a security solution in place, your IT team can be able to track all devices and make sure that they are updated when needed as well as being able to wipe them when lost.

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