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ActiveSync Android Safety Features Your Business Needs

Activesync security policies

Bring your own device implementation is popular for businesses today. It is also called BYOD. This refers to employees bringing devices of their own for business use at a company. Activesync android technology is popular with this implementation method. Most ActiveSync security policies include similar protocol for every organization, though the unique Exchange activesync policies your business relies on should be created by a professional. A unique system of protecting unwanted users from getting a look at your corporate data will protect you against heavy losses.

Reliable mobile devices are important for multiple reasons. First of all, having a consistent mobile device management security system means that sensitive data can be wiped from individual devices even if those devices go missing. In recent years, the incidence rate of mobile device that has increased for most corporations. This is because competitors recognize that stealing a mobile device from a rival company might give them access to financial records, private contracts, vendor lists and more. If an employee loses their phone at a company event, or if it gets stolen, your first concern should be protecting the data.

ActiveSync Android management software allows you to wipe data remotely. You will not have to have the physical device in order for your ActiveSync Android protection to be accessible. Using cloud based mobile device management dashboards provide IT department members with real time access to any device. This streamlined mobile device management support allows for quick identification and resolution of issues with any device. In other words, not only will ActiveSync Android software keep your data safe, but you can also diagnose issues with apps, users or devices at all times.

More than one out of every three employees report that companies they work for do not rely on encryption or secure data channels. If you are one of these 67 percent of companies that lacks sufficient corporate data protection, consider upgrading to ActiveSync Android today. A reliable ActiveSync Android consultant or support team in your area can help you set up the required protocols to preserve the integrity of your corporate data. Training employees on the safe use of Android operating systems and devices is simple. Furthermore, you can assure clients that you have one of the most reliable mobile device systems on the planet in place at your company. Clients are more likely to keep doing business with you when they understand that you take data protection seriously.

Mobile Devices Allow Work to Get Done Anywhere

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In the United States, nearly half of all mobile phone users have a smartphone. While some will use the Activesync Android technology in order to keep in touch with friends or for entertainment purposes, others will use it for their careers. BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device, is one of the newest trends in technology and refers to using personal mobile devices at work. Using Activesync Androids can help any individuals whose busy schedules make working on the go a necessity.

For businesses that feature BYOD, Activesync security policies are a necessity. Cloud computing is an essential aspect of multi device integration, since the ability to access documents and information using any device is pivotal at the enterprise and consumer level. On top of that, a cloud based device management solution can automatically and immediately support new upgrades and releases of mobile operating systems. So businesses whose employees use Activesync Android technology can benefit from cloud computing and a strong mobile management plan. It can make the exchange activesync Android systems allow much more efficient.

Perhaps the only downside to increased mobile ability and the freedom that Activesync Android technologies allow for is that security can become more of an issue since protecting mobile data is not always easy. Luckily, in the event of security breaches, dynamic security and compliance features can continuously monitor device and take action with cloud based Mobile Device Management. These security features allow Activesync Android tools to be highly beneficial. Properly securing and managing the data exchanged on them allows individuals to work at all hours, increasing the amount that they can accomplish. Get more on this here.

Exchange Activesync Can Help You Keep Your Network Secured Tight

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In order to have the ability to wipe sensitive company data in the event that an employee loses a mobile device, management security system needs to in place. When your company utilizes Exchange activesync, you will have the ability to make changes across many mobile devices, but you will still need to employ some extra measures of security. This is where an Exchange activesync security software application can come in handy. When you are able to implement more advanced Activesync security policies, you will be able to keep everything as secure as possible. With the number of employees using their own devices expected to grow with estimates being that by 2015, 55 percent of smartphones used in business will be employee owned, your company needs to have a security solution in place.

One major problem with many of the Exchange Activesync security software programs is that they do not allow for the ability to wipe company data and leave personal data in place as only 9 percent of companies use a software solution that allows for the protection of personal data. Either way, when you are looking to Activesync android you need to be certain that all devices are as secure as possible, whether they are owned by your company or by employees. With a security solution in place, your IT team can be able to track all devices and make sure that they are updated when needed as well as being able to wipe them when lost.