ActiveSync Android Safety Features Your Business Needs

Bring your own device implementation is popular for businesses today. It is also called BYOD. This refers to employees bringing devices of their own for business use at a company. Activesync android technology is popular with this implementation method. Most ActiveSync security policies include similar protocol for every organization, though the unique Exchange activesync policies ... Read More

Mobile Devices Allow Work to Get Done Anywhere

In the United States, nearly half of all mobile phone users have a smartphone. While some will use the Activesync Android technology in order to keep in touch with friends or for entertainment purposes, others will use it for their careers. BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device, is one of the newest trends ... Read More

Exchange Activesync Can Help You Keep Your Network Secured Tight

In order to have the ability to wipe sensitive company data in the event that an employee loses a mobile device, management security system needs to in place. When your company utilizes Exchange activesync, you will have the ability to make changes across many mobile devices, but you will still need to employ some extra ... Read More