Writing the Undeniable SEO Proposal

Seo proposal sample

Would you believe it if I told you that only 56% of internet users claim to ever have had a social media website profile?

It seems hard to believe, huh? Considering that everywhere you go you can find someone Twittering their thumbs, or with their nose in the Facebook. I assure you, it is true, which is why the most effective form of online marketing for small businesses is search engine optimization (SEO).

Once you find a client interested in SEO, you are going to have to draft up an SEO proposal. This will let your client know exactly what to expect from the campaign, that you have done your research, and what you would like them to pay for the service. There are many an SEO proposal example on the web to base yours off of if you need further assistance.

If you would rather not go through all the work of drafting your own SEO proposal example, then you are in luck. The choices available to you in the way of SEO proposal software are abundant. By using an SEO proposal tool, you can ensure that your Seo proposal sample is exactly in alignment with what your client will want. Their templates help you to create fully branded, customized proposals with the ease of a click.

Every good SEO proposal example I have seen includes case studies and references. This is how your brand builds its credibility with the client. Your SEO proposal example should be filled with reasons to make the client feel foolish not to take you on.

An SEO proposal example should include a multitude of potential avenues for the plan in question. You will want to consider SEO, link building, PPC (pay per click), social media marketing, email marketing, and local listing submission. It is the combination of these tools which lead to powerful online marketing campaigns, and the most advantageous SEO sales.

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