Why Contractors Trust In A Fall Protection Program

Wire rope rigging

If you regularly make use of chain fittings at your company, which includes shackles, quick links, eye bolts and eye nuts, then you probably need to have a fall protection program in place. Fall protection training, forklift safety training, rigging safety training, crane safety training and training for the use of lifting gear are all associated with a fall protection program. Cranes were first used during ancient Greek times, when men and donkeys would power the cranes used to lift heavy materials that were not easy to get up off of the ground by the use of hands alone.

The evolution of crane technology has also increased the need for the evolution of safety, and this makes fall protection programs very popular. Chain slings can be constructed from high strength alloy steel that make lifting very heavy objects a possibility, and web slings, which are the most popular form of lifting products, also allow a contractor to lift heavy loads and protect those loads using lightweight and flexible materials. A chain is a physical object, but is also a unit of measurement in surveying, with 10 chains per furlong and 80 chains per mile.

Learn more about the management of safety issues at your organization, especially if you work from great heights or make use of chains on a regular basis. These programs will improve the likelihood that your insurance rates as a contractor stay low, so find a training program for contractor use today

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