Top Five Facts You Need to Know Before Purchasing Supplemental Insurance

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Are you thinking about investing in more small business insurance coverage for your company and even your employees? Here are a few commercial insurance tips that you should probably know before you decide to hire small business insurance companies.

1. Purchasing 25/50/25 coverage means your policy would pay up to 25,000 dollars for one person’s injuries, up to 50,000 dollars for everyone’s injuries added together and up to 25,000 dollars for any property damage.

2. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau, or the MIB, which compensates people in accidents with uninsured drivers, estimates over 1.7 million people drove without any sort of car insurance in 2008.

3. Did you know that 25 states now permit drivers to show e cards at traffic stops? This is according to a map prepared by the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, a trade group that supports use of the digital cards and this number of states is projected to go up in the near future.

4. Over 50 percent of small businesses in the United States provide health insurance for their employees though many people still need more than they are currently being offered and chose to find out the answer to the question how much is business insurance.

5. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause for workplace fatalities and having the best small business insurance coverage can help greatly with the cost of these fatalities.. Good refereneces:

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