Super Cleaning Your Dirty Car Interior

You might often bring your car to a car wash to get the exterior sparkling clean, but how much care do you give the interior? Maybe you dust or vacuum once in a while, but a deep clean is something you have probably never done or even thought about doing before. It’s important to keep the interior of your car as clean as possible because it might be a place you spend a lot of time inside. From dirty auto mats, to a greasy steering wheel, to filthy cup holders, you need to take the time for a deep cleaning. In this video, you’ll learn exactly how to do that.

Video Source

The video will show you how to clean every inch of your car. It will give you some tips, including how to disable keeping the doors open from draining your car battery. You can even remove your car seats to give you more room. There is some preparation you should do before getting into the cleaning. You’ll learn how to clean carpets, plastic, and metal. You’ll see what tools and cleaners to use to make it as easy as possible.


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