What You Need to Know About Police Body Cams

Do you wonder about police body cams, what they are and how effective they are? In this video, you will learn all about this type of camera, especially when it comes to how they’re used in modern society. You will learn about the technology behind them, their effectiveness, and even the problems they have.

Body cams can be located on a police officer’s chest, shoulder, sunglasses, or hat. They are quite small so as not to obstruct officers in their duties, but they are large enough that anyone should be able to identify them and easily know if an officer is wearing one or not.

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Officers must manually start and end recording. This protects their privacy and others’ privacy if they are in a setting when recording would be inappropriate. However, it leaves open the possibility of officers failing to record when they should be. The video will go into detail about all of these topics, and many more, giving you a full look at police body cams, keeping you informed.


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