Why Are Groundwater Environmental Services So Important?

You may have heard about groundwater environmental services, but wonder why they are so crucial to our planet. Groundwater can become contaminated from an industrial source, as well as everyday cars, mass farming, and fertilizer, which also have a significant impact once built up over time.

Rainwater picks up pollution from the ground and contaminates the groundwater as it absorbs into the earth. Small pollutants can build up over time, eventually making the water too toxic to utilize for food, drink, and cleaning purposes.

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Wells pump a large amount of water from further away and can pull pollution into the area. City wells are the biggest culprits, but private wells often go unnoticed and result in undetected pollution. It costs ten times less to be proactive about keeping the groundwater clean, versus treating a system once polluted.

If you have a private well, you should be testing your water yearly to check for contaminants. This is especially important if you live with an infant, an elderly person, or anyone with health issues drinking from this water, as they may be more susceptible to illness. To learn more about groundwater and the importance of groundwater environmental services, watch this video!


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