Tips for Renovating a Modern Summer House

With warmer weather on the rise and climate change, the seasons become more intense. Bearing this in mind, preparing for the seasons in commercial and residential properties is always a good idea.

In this post, we want to help you with beautiful ideas and tips on tackling your home with a fresh, new summer look. This article also features some great DIY solutions if you’re the handy do-it-yourself type. Whether you’re finding shutter companies, lawn maintenance, bath remodeling, and loads more. Your preparation for the sweltering days starts here.

Summer to-do List, Budget, and More

Before making any summer changes to your home, we recommend listing everything you want to improve or change this season. Having a checklist or to-do list is an excellent way to stay on top of your project and give you perspective into the things you’d like to do and whether you can afford to do all of them.

Some checklists may feature the following:

Improve and maintain the landscape

Perhaps you have overgrown trees or looking to remove a tree on your plot to build a pool or something else. Finding a tree removal service will help. Tree removal firms often provide other landscaping services like general gardening, or a fake grass install for their clients. You can use these companies to improve, maintain or redo your garden.

You can plant a more extensive tree if your garden allows it, as this can also help with shade naturally, which is excellent in warm weather.

Is your swimming pool summer-ready?

With summer comes swimming sensations and having your pool ready for these hot days is an absolute must. Pool installers can help you install a swimming pool where you may not have had one.

There are many pools, pool sizes and shapes to choose from. Professional pool installation companies can help you decide what is best suited for your space, swimming needs, and budget. You could choose from various materials and whether you’re having the pool installed above the ground or installed in the ground.

Of course, if you already have a pool, then maintenance is a must and you may want to do a good clean and balance of the PH levels to make sure that you and your guests can swim blissfully.

Implement new water-saving solutions to managing water use during summer

Have you got water tanks installed? Saving on water is critical during the hotter seasons and having water tanks installed if it wasn’t previously installed is a good idea. You can reuse gray water and catch water runoff from the roof after it has rained. You’ll save a lot on your utility bills regarding water usage as you can also use it to top up the pool and water the garden.

Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of water tank sizes and find the perfect ones suited to your property.

Basement waterproofing

You might not think that it’s an issue with waterproofing during summer or warm weather. However, this concept couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, having your basement checked and waterproofed is best done in warm weather. Waterproofing your home during summer gives it time to dry and set in place before the wet season kicks in.

To Renovate or Not to Renovate?

Whether you’ll be renovating your home this summer or simply adding additions, this all depends on you as the homeowner. Ask yourself the following questions before tackling a home reno:

  • How will the weather be when you renovate your home and will it accommodate outdoor changes?
  • How much will your renovation cost? Will you be able to afford it all from start to end?
  • Who will you hire to do these renovation jobs? Have you sourced any quotes from different companies?
  • How long will your home renovation project take to complete and are you okay with the timeframe?
  • Where will you keep the materials that the installers and building contractors are going to use on your premises?
  • Where will you stay during the duration of the renovation?
  • Are there extra toilets for the workers on your premises to use without invading too much of your private space?
  • Have you checked with the homeowners association regarding the renovation and what isn’t allowed?
  • Can you survive the noise and changes involved with a renovation and construction site? How will you cope with the noise?
  • Do you have the time to deal with the process and all the events during the construction?

While the above questions are not set in stone, if there are others you can come up with before starting your project, then consider those too.

Home Renovations to Consider this Summer

Home renovations can cost a lot of cash, but it is often rewarding when you’ve changed your living spaces to your signature look. Homeowners are happier, more relaxed, and proud to be in a home with bespoke customization suited to what they want and prefer rather than by default.

Bath remodeling

When it comes to remodeling, it’s often a permanent type of change that the homeowner intends to keep for a good couple of years before changing it again. We get it; this is logic since it costs money to redo major fixtures like bathtubs and wash basins. Still, there are some lighter bathroom remodels you could consider. If you are due to change your bathroom, go ahead and go for it.

However, if you’re on a tight budget but can afford to make changes to your current bathroom, then consider less expensive options. For instance, redo the tiling of the shower and floors in the bathroom. Even just changing something simple, like the tiles, will make a big difference in aesthetics.

Kitchen remodel

Another affordable option to change the look of your kitchen a bit at an affordable price is to consider new cabinetry. Redoing the cabinetry is seen as “cosmetic” change because it does not delve deep into the structure of the area you’re looking to change. Changing the tiles in the kitchen is also a good idea if you want to create a lighter and brighter ambiance this summer for your kitchen.

Refrigeration repairs

While you’re in the process of sorting out your kitchen’s new look for summer, go ahead and check that your refrigerators are in proper working order. Any refrigeration repairs are essential since the weather will be heating up. A faulty or broken fridge means spoilt food and a smelly kitchen in some cases. Commercial refrigeration repairs may help with residential needs too.

Install home siding

Home siding like cladding or shiplap is simply beautiful and adds that much-loved summer effect you’re looking for this season. In fact, adding siding is great for all seasons, and not only can it increase the value of your home, it also adds excellent aesthetics. If you want siding make sure to work with experienced home siding installers.

Spruce up the Entertainment Area

Install a wooden deck

There is something rustic and chill about a wooden deck. Once the wood is treated, maintenance and cleaning are easy. Wooden decks are great for your entertainment outdoor areas lending an island holiday feel.

Add a pergola

Pergolas come in all forms, and they are great for adding natural shade to your home and outdoor spaces while entertaining guests. You can also take advantage of the pergola to help extend your outdoor spaces for summer.

Sprucing up Living Spaces with Summer Furniture

Since it’s summer, what better way to complement the season than to usher in some beachy, light summer furniture? There is always something perfect about having the appropriate furniture during the different seasons.

For instance, dark-colored wooden furniture tends to remind us of winter, or the cold days associated with winter. On the other hand, white-wood textures, brighter colors, and wicker furniture tend to give us summer vibes. You can find some great deals for indoor and outdoor furniture at bargain stores like IKEA and you can also get them secondhand at an even more affordable price.

Commercial moving companies can assist in moving furniture from one location to the next as you need.

DIY Summer Changes to Your Home

Now for the other good stuff. If you are an avid DIY enthusiast, then you can look forward to some of the next ideas to tackle some of the summer changes by yourself. We get it, not everyone has a knack for DIY, but if you do, then why not, yes?

Benefits of DIY when suitable

Not everything is DIY possible because some changes in construction, renovation, and other extras need a professional approach and skills. That said, the DIY ideas we have are perfect for even those who are not self-proclaimed DIY pros.

  • Doing it yourself saves you money since you don’t have to pay a company and professional.
  • You may learn a brand-new skill to add to your list of DIY bag of tricks.
  • You have handy work you can look back and be proud of because you did it yourself and you thus earned bragging rights.
  • You could show someone else if they needed help with a DIY task, you’re familiar with.
  • You’ll have more things to do and not feel bored in your free time.
  • Your love for DIY might even flourish into a hobby or a side gig that generates extra income.
  • Your DIY work may be a therapeutic outlet allowing you to lower your stress levels.
  • If you’re working at home on the DIY task, then you have more time with your family since you’re present while busy.

DIY Summer House Ideas to Try

A good cleaning up of the patio furniture

Okay, this is not precisely the DIY type of role, but more of a chore if you will. Still, a good patio furniture cleaning will immediately bring out a fresh look for your porch. Sometimes when you have wooden furniture, perhaps use sandpaper to remove any old paint and blemishes and then apply new paint or a varnish coating to preserve and refresh the wood.

Homemade pest control

Pest control chemicals are often highly dangerous especially when they’re not made with natural ingredients. We highly recommend professional pest control services to help you with the harder-to-control pests involving harsher chemicals.

There are many combinations of household goods like vinegar, lemon, baking soda, and lots more that naturally work to deter pests. Cornmeal is known to keep ants away, while coffee grounds are said to work on flees, slugs, ants, and wasps.

There are many combinations of household non-toxic (to pets and humans) ingredients to use in your DIY pest control endeavors. Getting rid of the critters is a good call for your summer preparations.

DIY household repairs

So, you love DIY? You can take the liberty of fixing up any household things like lightbulbs, door hinges, and minor plumbing (if possible). Check refrigerator door seals, double-check window frames, change the air conditioning filters, and clean the entire house well.

Pressure wash

Use a pressure washer t clean up the outer areas of your home. Your property may not require a fresh lick of paint, but simply a good wash down, especially tackling those nooks and crannies of the building. Pressure washers are great for cleaning shiplap too. Don’t worry, if you don’t own a pressure washer, the option to rent one is always available.

Install shade cloth over the pool

An open pool is great but having shade while swimming is even better to prevent the scorching sun. Install a shade cloth over your swimming pool area to provide an almost indoor-like comfort with the light and breeze of the outdoors.

Any power tools that you don’t own or have on hand can easily be rented.


Now that you have these ideas in mind, you can go ahead and start your summer home makeover. You can also add more things that you can think of to improve your home for warm weather. Have you done any of these changes to your home before?


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