Wha Do Engineer Recruiters Do?

Are you an engineer in search of work? Are you thinking of using a recruitment agency to find your next job? If so, then you should get some insight into the kinds of things engineer recruiters do. The video is narrated by a member of this profession and he summarizes how they go about selecting candidates for their industry clients.

Reviewing resumes is important, but the document will only tell a recruiter so much about the candidate. In the first phone interview, the recruiter will ask a series of questions designed to help them determine the candidate’s engineering knowledge as well as their communication and planning ability.

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Recruiters will be looking for people with experience in the niche industries of their clients. Most clients prefer engineers who come from competitors. Such professionals know the equipment and safety environment and will be able to do the job from day one. To summarize, engineer recruiters get to the technicalities that lie behind the resume of each candidate. They are mostly concerned with the ability of an engineer to walk into a new job and do it with little additional preparation or supervision. Their main aim is to match skill sets with job requirements. Now you know what engineer recruiters do.


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