Can People Just Get Braces on One Set of Their Teeth?

It’s not unusual for adults and children to request braces on top teeth only. It makes sense: if you’re happy with the way your bottom teeth look, or couldn’t be bothered to straighten them since they’re not as visible, it’s easier to just focus on the top teeth, right? Let’s take a look at the process of getting braces on one set of your teeth.

When you visit your family dentist, they will let you know what is best for you. Our top teeth are on display whenever we talk, smile, or eat.

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Some people are self-conscious about the look of their top teeth and feel they could be improved. Additionally, if someone’s budget is limited, braces on the top teeth are a popular option.

Bottom braces only are less common than top teeth only. Bottom teeth aren’t as visible when smiling so patients are more inclined to treat their top teeth.

For some patients, applying braces to only one arch isn’t workable. If they don’t have enough room between the front of the bottom teeth and the insides of the front teeth, the braces won’t fit or will rub against the top teeth. It requires treatment of both arches to overcome this problem.


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