The Proven Porta Potty Tips You Need

Modern society is much more hygienic these days. A few hundred years ago, indoor plumbing was, at most, a dream for the majority of people across the world. Today, millions upon millions enjoy indoor plumbing. Meanwhile, porta potties make it easy to keep outdoor environments clean. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, setting up a construction site, or holding an event, it’s wise to search for porta potty rentals nearby.

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You can start by heading to Google and searching for porta potty rental in Gresham, OR, or porta potties in Portland, for example.

The porta potty company you ultimately select will handle a lot of the leg work and the setup. That said, some simple maintenance tips can help ensure that your portable toilet performs admirably through rain and shine. First, you’ll want to work with the service provider to find the right place to set up the toilet. It should be accessible, but when and where possible, protected from the weather and other things.

Porta potties are usually set up outdoors, which means keeping them clean can require a bit more effort. You’ll want to make sure that guests keep the doors shut, for example, to keep critters out. If a challenge does emerge, you’ll want to contact your service provider right away.


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