Equipment Health Monitoring

There is a wide range of equipment and technology that specialized business use today. Innovative technicians and software engineers have developed software for equipment health monitoring. This technology is used to detect deviations within complex systems to provide an alert in this type of equipment. The devices used in equipment health monitoring basically detects and predicts future complications within complex systems in order to prevent expensive repairs.

Equipment health monitoring software can be used to monitor security systems, vehicles, computerized systems, and heavy machinery. Equipment health monitoring software works by measuring a complex system’s characteristics and recording them into a database. The software that is used identifies any minor changes in a complex system’s characteristics and informs the user by means of an alert system. Equipment health monitoring effectively prevent minor problems from becoming big problems that can occur later on if neglected. State of the art software is used to pre-define the deviations in a system should be qualified for alert. There are many different types of systems that have been developed across the board for all industries.

For example, equipment health monitoring software is used to detect temperature loss, fluid flow, leaks, mechanical noises, bearing water, audible noises, slope changes, and vibration. Heavy equipment that utilizes hydraulic systems use equipment health monitoring devices to prevent major catastrophes from occurring in the future. Many times a minor fluctuation in a system can cause greater damage to other components, which in turn causes expensive repairs and sometimes the need for parts to be replaced.

Equipment health monitoring is useful for tractors, harvesters, trucks, loaders, graders, forestry equipment as well as aviation equipment. Complex systems require automated adjustments to prevent major problems from occurring. Equipment health monitoring devices are also used to automate adjustments as well. Businesses that rely on heavy equipment and other systems to complete projects are encouraged to research equipment health monitoring systems to see what is being offered. Equipment health monitoring systems are used to reduce a company’s down time, which promotes higher levels of productivity. Higher levels of productivity produce customer retention and consistent profits.

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