The Beauty of a Wireless Security Camera

16 channel dvr

In 1969, the duo of Marie Van Brittan Brown and Albert Brown were given a patent for the world’s first security camera system for the home. That system included four peep holes, a single camera that could be moved along each of those holes, and a monitor where all images could appear on screen. Since then, security cameras have popped up in homes around the country, using these technologies and increasingly advanced ones that capture and store images remotely and without the need for wires.

Many of today’s security surveillance systems include a 16 channel DVR or 8 channel dvr, which function over 16 or 8 channels, respectively. These DVRs differ from the ones that most people use to record and watch television shows. Many also capture images wirelessly, enabling broadband Internet access to help stream video through the web. With a wireless security camera and a DVR card, much can be done in the lines of keeping homes safe. It expands upon the Browns’ original ideas and takes home security to an exceptional new world in which all images can be captured and kept safe to prevent theft and to keep a family safe.

Specifically, a wireless security camera has the capacity for being infrared or thermographic, which means infrared radiation is used to capture images wirelessly. Also with a wireless security camera, technologies have been designed to prevent theft and vandalism. These are real concerns in the home security system market and are getting smaller thanks to these technologies.

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