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With RSS Feeds Web Users Can Keep Their Privacy And Control

RSS feeds, unlike the many other options available for online communication today, are not known for causing privacy concerns for those that use them. On the contrary, with RSS feeds, those that use them are given the privacy they seek, and can also wade through the overwhelming amount of unnecessary information to find only what is relevant to them. Social networking sites do not allow users to do this, and will instead force them to read information that is not relevant to them at all. RSS feeds have been growing popular over the last few years for the simple fact that they do not require much from their subscribers at all, and can continuously update them only on information that is relevant to them. In today’s day and age, it is rare to find this type of privacy or respect given by web users.

Submit Blog Articles To Other People’s Websites To Increase Your Own Site’s Traffic

If you are trying to increase the amount of traffic that your web site or blog receives, you may want to submit blog articles to a blog directory, a relevant internet forum, or many other different types of sites to increase the exposure of your blog and attract new readers to your web site. While many people are wary to submit blog articles that they have invested time and effort into writing to web sites owned and operated by other people, it is often very beneficial to do so, within reason and in moderation. The reasons that many people are wary to submit blog articles that they have written to websites operated by others, for the most part, are valid; they can not be dismissed out right, but for the most part, the pros outweighs the cons when you take a closer looking at what you stand to gain versus what you are giving up.

What is probably the main reason people do not like the idea that they should submit blog articles they have written to a website operated by another person is that they do not stand to profit from their work this way. In the short term sense, this is true, but when you take the long view of things, this is actually very far from the truth. When you publish a blog entry on your own blog, you stand to earn all of the money that it generates yourself. Publishing a blog entry attracts readers to your blog, where you can monetize that web traffic through pay per click and pay per view advertisements on your site, and also through affiliate links scattered throughout your web site. When you submit blog articles to a web site run by another person, however, the other person stands to make all of the money generated by your blog entry, not you. That is the case, at least, in the short term. It is true that you blog entry will probably generate ad revenue or affiliate program sales revenue for the owner of the web site on which it is published; this is not necessarily a bad thing. When you submit blog articles to web sites operated by other people, you are not trying to earn ad revenue, however; at least, not directly or immediately. When you submit blog articles that you have written to someone else’s website for them to publish, you are trading in the immediate income that it would generate through ad revenue on your own site for an increase in ad revenue in the future.

When you submit blog articles to a blog directory or to another blogger’s website, you will receive backlinks to your own website, which will increase the value of your blog with the search engines, and move your blog up the search engine results pages, increasing traffic. So in this sense, when you submit blog articles to another blogger’s blog, you are essentially performing a bit of search engine optimization, or SEO, on your website. There is another way that it is beneficial to you to submit blog articles that you have written to a website run by another person, however, and that is through increased readership. Guest blogging is the term used to describe when you submit blog articles to another blogger’s blog to be published, with a brief statement either before the article that this particular post was written by a guest blogger, which exposed your blog to a whole new audience who will hopefully become regular readers of your own blog.